2018 Explorative Environments: student design competition

2018 student design competition
Deadline: December 20, 2017

Design's capacity to change the world is growing, enabled by advanced materials, tools and methods and by cheaper, better, and easier-to-use computer technologies. Drawing on D+EA's strengths in design, computing and the social sciences and Cornell's strengths in computing and engineering, the area of Interactive Environments and Technology investigates computation as a design tool, as a means to manufacture, monitor and control the environment and as an embedded system within the physical fabric of interactive and adaptive environments, their systems and their technologies. The overarching goal is a new design mindset, one that combines aesthetic, meaningful, scientific, analytical, abstract, creative and experimental thinking responsive to the challenges and opportunities of a complex world.

Student competition instructions:

Students are invited to submit proposals for the design and enhancement of an 8x8x8 foot cubic space for innovative, user-experience design concepts. The themes must address the philosophy addressed above and dovetail with departmental research interests to ensure leading edge explorations and quality mentorship. D+EA research foci are: design strategy, sustainability and health & wellness.

The proposals will be reviewed electronically by national/international distinguished DEA alumni. Two finalists will be selected, funded and displayed in the gallery as part of the 2018 Explorative Environments Exhibit is scheduled for Spring 2018 and held in the MVR Gallery. The solutions should be dismountable as it is our intention to display the work in external venues.

Requirements: Student teams must include at least one person outside of D+EA and can range between 3 and 5 members. The team must be led by a D+EA student. The proposal submission should consist of:

  • list of team members and their departments
  • 250-word description of the project addressing the relevance to design strategy, sustainability or health/wellness;
  • 3-dimensional digital representation or sketches of the design
  • a minimum one 3-D design detail.

A first place and runner up team will be selected. The teams, whose members will be designated as Explorative Environments Fellows, will receive a $500 prize and an additional $800 to construct their solutions.

Proposals are due by December 20, 2017. Winners will be announced by January 15, 2018.

To Apply:
Submit your application via email to sy.yoon@cornell.edu 


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