DEA Graduate 4+1 Program

4+1 Masters Program

Outstanding Cornell University students who complete their four-year undergraduate degree in DEA are eligible to complete a Master of Arts/M.A (Design) or a Master of Science/M.S. (Human Environment Relations) degree in one additional year of graduate study.
Through careful planning, many of the courses required in the M.A. or M.S. programs can be taken during the undergraduate years, creating an opportunity to focus the fifth year of study on completing course and thesis requirements. As early as the sophomore year, students can plan their curriculum toward completing a fifth-year Masters. Typically, this means students will take 4-5 courses in their Fall term as a graduate student, and 2-3 courses plus their thesis research in the Spring term. Students should expect to complete their thesis by the end of the summer term of their fifth year.

Admission to the 4+1 Masters program is not automatic. Meet with the professor whose research focus you intend to pursue. Do this early in your undergraduate program to begin planning. By the end of the junior year, you should ask your professor to commit to become your thesis chair if you are admitted. Although admission is not guaranteed, if you have a strong record as an undergraduate student in the Department, you are likely to be a strong candidate for admission to the graduate program in Design and Environmental Analysis. Students interested in this program should meet with their DEA advisor as early as possible to discuss and plan for application to this program no later than the beginning of their senior year.




Application to the 4+1 Masters Program. In the Fall of your senior year, submit your application to the Graduate School following the online application guidelines and submission deadlines.

TOEFL/IELTS and ID portfolios are not required but you will need to submit:

  • Online application via the Graduate School website
  • GRE general test (The desired combined score should be greater than or equal to 310—for the new scoring system effective November 2011—or, a combined score of 1200 for the old scoring system.)
  • 4+1 Study Proposal is required to complete your application for admission and should be signed by your Thesis Chair and submitted directly to the Graduate Field Assistant in DEA.
  • Statement of Purpose essay of 2-3 pages. This must include the details of both your thesis topic and plan of study (upload online)
  • Three letters of recommendation (submitted online)
  • Cornell transcript

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