D+EA Alumni

D+EA alumni are encouraged to send their updated information to the D+EA Main Office for the internal database used by professors and students within the department. If you would like to update your information, please send updates to DE+A Administrative Assistant.

Kristen Thompson

D+EA, BS '17

Interior Designer, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Justin Horst

D+EA, BS '17

Theme Park Designer at Raven Sun Creative

Giyoung Park

D+EA, MS '12, PhD '16

Sr. Design Researcher, HKS Architects

Eric Faber

D+EA, BS '14

Gensler’s New York office

Yen Chiang

D+EA, BS '11

Senior strategist Brightspot strategy

Addie Mario

D+EA, BS '06

Creative Shop Studio Video Lab @ Facebook & Instagram

Kristin Herrold

D+EA, BS '10

Retail Operations Coordinator

Hannah Kim

D+EA, BS '09, MA '10

Strategic Workplace Consultant

Laura Anderson

D+EA, BS '13, MS '14

Associate Ergonomist, Humanscale

Nathan Wasilewski

D+EA, BS '09

Consulting Analyst and Interior Designer, Gensler

Carl Winter

D+EA, BS '99

Sr. Manager, User Experience for Balsam Brands; Founder, 2StinkyFish

Samantha Berg

D+EA, BS '09

Interaction Designer

Anne Oswald

D+EA, BS '08, MS '09

Strategic Occupancy Planner

Michelle Lin

D+EA, BS '08

Interior Designer & Project Manager

Megan Belkin

D+EA, BS '06

Project Designer

Emily Sheckels Ahouse

D+EA, BS '03, MA '06

Architectural Historian

Mariah Levitt

D+EA, BS '03, MS '05

Senior Design Research & Human Factors Specialist

Hannah Carlton

D+EA, BS '03, MA '04

Medical Planner

Andrea Hsu

D+EA, BS '03


Robin Abraham

D+EA, BS '03

Interior Designer

Meg Taylor

D+EA, BS '12, MS '13

Analyst and Project Manager, Cleveland Clinic Hospital

Matthew McIntyre

D+EA, BS '03

Luxury Property Specialist

Jonathan Puleio

D+EA, BS '01, MS '03

Director of Consulting

Jie Huang

D+EA, BS '01

Architect, STUDIOS Architecture

Lori Kramer

D+EA, BS '02

CEO & Founder

Jenna Shanis

D+EA, BS '01, MS '02

Founder and Principal

Suzie Park

D+EA, BS '99


Doug West

D+EA, BS '98


Kari Frontera

D+EA, BS '98


Evan Goldman

D+EA, BS '96, MBA

Development Director

Lynne Beyer Sagalyn

D+EA, BS '69