Minor in Healthy Futures


Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures’ new minor in Healthy Futures, launched in the spring of 2018, is open to College of Human Ecology undergraduate students (including D+EA students) under the auspices of Design + Environmental Analysis in the College of Human Ecology. Earning the minor requires a total of 17 credit hours. See Application to Graduate with a Minor in Healthy Futures for course requirements.

To be considered for the Healthy Futures Minor, students may complete an Intent to Minor in HF form starting in their freshman year and must declare the minor by the end of their junior year to qualify. Completing the Hospitality, Health, and Design Industry Seminar (DEA/HADM 3055) is required to declare intent to minor in Healthy Futures. The intent forms should be submitted electronically.

Students should keep a copy of the Intent to Minor in Healthy Futures form. The minor consists of students taking “DEA/HADM 3055 - Health, Hospitality & Design Industry Seminar” (1 credit-hour), 9-credit hours of specific required courses distributed across the three disciplines (see Application to Graduate with a Minor in Healthy Futures), and participating in an internship (1 credit-hour DEA 4020 Supervised Fieldwork). Students must take the Health, Hospitality & Design Industry Seminar and at least one class from outside their major from the list of requirements and Healthy Futures electives before they do the Supervised Fieldwork. The Supervised Fieldwork is recommended to be completed the summer before or after junior year, or during winter break of junior year.

Students pursuing the minor in Healthy Futures should consult with the Healthy Futures Minor Coordinator (HHD-minor@cornell.edu). Students are responsible for planning their minor program of study in conjunction with the advisor in their major. Due to the imperative that students take core courses outside their discipline and the fact that students come from multiple departments, the requirements change across majors. Thus, careful planning by the student is warranted. Any student fulfilling the course requirements with a B- or better will receive the minor designation upon graduation.

During the semester in which the student plans to graduate, s/he must submit a copy of the Application to Graduate with a Minor in Healthy Futures form along with an unofficial copy of his/her transcript electronically. After verification that all requirements for the minor were completed with a B- or better, the student’s college registrar will be notified and the final transcript will indicate that a Minor in Healthy Futures was earned. For more information about the minor requirements, please visit Cornell Institute for Health Futures website.

Contact Information

Students and advisors should contact HHD-minor@cornell.edu with any questions about the minor requirements and internships.



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