D+EA Undergrad Minor

The Department of Design + Environmental Analysis offers a minor open to Cornell undergraduate students. Earning a minor requires a minimum of 15 credit hours of work within DEA. See Application to Graduate with a Minor in DEA for course requirements.

To be considered for the Minor in DEA, students must:

  • not be a DEA major
  • submit the Intention to Minor in DEA form after successfully completing the core course requirement in DEA

Students should keep a copy of the Intention to Minor in DEA form. To receive consideration or priority in DEA course enrollment, a completed form must have been submitted prior to the semester in which enrollment is desired. Formally declaring intent to minor in DEA does not guarantee enrollment in DEA courses. Only DEA courses may be used to satisfy the requirements of the minor.

Students pursuing a minor in DEA are not assigned a DEA advisor. Students will be responsible for planning their minor program of study in conjunction with the advisor in their major. Some courses require prerequisites so careful planning by the student is warranted. Students may choose to select all elective courses from one designated area of study within DEA or elect to take courses from the entire approved list of DEA electives.

Contact Information

Students and advisors in other departments should contact Ying Hua (yh294@cornell.edu), Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of Design + Environmental Analysis, or DEA's Academic Programs Coordinator (deagrad@cornell.edu), in 1411 MVR if they have questions about DEA courses. See Frequently Asked Questions.

During the semester in which the student plans to graduate, s/he must submit a completed copy of the Application to Graduate with a Minor in DEA to DEA's Academic Programs Coordinator (deagrad@cornell.edu) in 1411 MVR. After verification by DEA that all requirements for the minor were completed, the student’s college registrar will be notified and the final transcript will indicate that a Minor in DEA was earned.


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