Undergraduate Research in D+EA

D+EA’s faculty represent the disciplines of environmental psychology, human factors/ergonomics, interior design, and architecture. Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, and drawing on approaches grounded in the social and biological sciences, the humanities, and design, D+EA faculty conduct research at the cutting edge of their areas of expertise.

Our goal is to expand the knowledge bank that forms the foundation of evidence-based design. For us research is more than just an exciting and rewarding personal activity. We want our research to make a difference: to improve people’s lives and the environment on which we all depend.

The research in D+EA can be organized around the following areas of focus: Design Strategy & Innovation, Health & Well-Being, and Sustainable Futures.

Current projects include studies examining whether residential communities designed for walking and cycling lead to more active lifestyles, how the environmental messages the workplace sends to prospective and current employees influences job attraction and retention, how the design of ambulatory hospital facilities affects patients’ medical experiences, and how sophisticated technologies can be used in places like the Adirondacks to revitalize the furniture industry and contribute to economic development.


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