Children and Family Support Issues

A good design is one that can be used by everyone. Several of our outreach efforts have promoted the principles of universal design for interior spaces and products.

Designing Child Care Settings: A Child-Centered Approach

This is a manual for use in helping child care providers design indoor and outdoor settings for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and younger school-age children.

Family Activities and Children's Schoolwork

This wonderful set of activity cards will help you transform everyday activities into learning and practice opportunities for children who are already bursting with enthusiasm to learn and to contribute to their family.

Design of Long-term Care Facilities for Alzheimer's Patients

This brochure provides guidelines on physical environmental criteria for choosing a special-care unit in a residential facility for a family member with Alzheimer's disease.

The Physical Environment of a Child Care Center: What Parents Should Know

Use this brochure as a checklist to evaluate the quality of a child care center's physical environment, the building, the classroom, the outdoor area, and how it supports the program.

Organizing your Home for Children Activities and Activities for Parents and Children in the Home and Community

These cards offer suggestions about how to balance the spatial needs of children and adults in the home. To obtain a set, contact: Valerie L. Kelly in the DEA Main Office.


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